Steve on
the issues

Steve Colangelo outlines where he stands on the issues facing San Joaquin County.

I didn't learn about business in the hallways of Washington D.C. and will not make deals that turn my back on the people of San Joaquin County.

Steve Colangelo

“We need to protect the people and communities of San Joaquin County and enforce current laws on the books. Enforcement is the key to cleaning up our county, from the banks of the Mokelumne River to rural areas. The first step is to provide more housing and shelter to supplement current private/non-profit and publicly funded options.

“Next, for those who are willing, we must move people out of the tent-cities along our waterways, freeway underpasses, and street corners into appropriate housing and shelters. Those who are unwilling to accept help must no longer be allowed to remain in such tent-cities. This is a public health, sanitation, and safety issue. We have to be responsible to our communities, but without that enforcement component, the problem will never get solved.”

“For every Sheriff Deputy or firefighter that transfers from San Joaquin County to another jurisdiction, it costs the County hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost training, investment, and recruiting new personnel.”

“We need to retain our great law enforcement officers and firefighters, ensuring that they have competitive wages and benefits while working to reduce the cost of living. We must aim to make our departments the gold standard of the Central Valley.

“This also means that we provide them with the tools and support to do their jobs. I’m excited we have a new district attorney, and feel that we will start seeing the necessary changes. The county must prosecute crime at all levels and always put the victims of crime and their families first.”

“The State of California has mismanaged water for years. Their water policies adversely affect daily our entire state but especially those of us in the Central Valley. As a county, we need to do what the state won’t do: protect our farmers and agricultural industry, the building industry, and residents.

“As your County Supervisor, I will work to expand underground and above-ground water storage. We have seen local agencies do this with success; now it’s the Board of Supervisors’ turn to think big for all of San Joaquin County. The Board can do a tremendous amount to make sure we have affordable and plentiful water for both farmers and residents.”

“My wife and I have experienced the highs and lows of running a small business during good economic times and bad. Through it all, we have kept the lights on and maintained good-paying jobs for our employees. I believe that we are responsible for saving jobs when the economy is rough and creating jobs when times are good.

“I will bring that experience and stewardship to the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors. My goal is to lower taxes and fees and promote policies to help San Joaquin county remain affordable for families. I will also proactively seek ways to reduce the tax and fee burden on small businesses, their employees, and working families.”